Vintage Clown – How this was Shot, Lit and build!

crying clown photography
Model: Gwen | MUAH: Ria Kooijman | Set: Me

Gwen and I have done a few shoots together. We had some free time on a random thursday. And thus we started throwing around ideas and images and came out with Vintage Clown. Clowns are creepy and vintage once even more so.Now that we had a clear idea on what we wanted the character to look like.

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Unlocking Creativity – Learning from comedy improv

Clothing Designer: Monique Desar | MUAH: Maaike Buurman | Model: Cecine

I’ve taught a few lectures and workshops. In these, I refer to the people I look up to and other cool friends who are making awesome things. And I’ve heard this over and over again: “But I’m not as creative as them”. I’m not always sure what that means. So let’s nip that excuse in the butt. You say you’re not creative? I’m going to ask you something. And you’re going to get 5 seconds to think about it.

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Starting the Photography Business – Part 1

Self portrait of Richard Terborg Digging

Every person has his or her own way. I can only share with you the path I’ve walked. Once you have decided that photography is the thing you would like to pursue, you do some research on the photography businesses around you. And sooner or later you will hit a wall with a question that will stick for a while: Who am I? And what do I want that will make me happy? Before you figure out who you’re trying to reach with your work, you need to figure out who you are, and what it is you have to offer/give.
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5 Things When You’re Stuck In A Creative Rut!

Doll Fashion Photography
Clothing: Tilly Zegers | Model:Michelle Elisabeth | Visagie: Marjan van Duist | Haarstyling: Sha Vlijter | Shoes: Rian Coenders

You know that feeling? That drive inside you that wants to do something? You really, really want to create something awesome, but it just won’t come out? Things just don’t move the way you want them to and things just aren’t going fast enough… Then when suddenly some time becomes available, you can’t seem to figure out where to begin or what project to pick up? And, on top of everything else, it always seems like you have a million things to do?
This might mean you’re stuck in a Creative Rut (for lack of a better term)! This is normal! (At least, that’s what I tell myself so that I’m not the only freak.) But how do we make the brain flow again and get everything moving? Here are a few things I do whenever I get that daunting feeling of running around in a loop and not getting things done:
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Elinchrom Review | ELB 400

Behind The Scenes Shoot

Elinchrom lend me the new ELB to try out. I took it out for a crazy spin and bought one right after!
Let me start by saying, I don’t get paid to talk or review these products. Nor would I want too. I’m a photographer that simply wants the best tools that is available to do the job. Getting too this brand was just like finding a camera or a lens it took many hours behind the computer doing research.
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