Workshops for the Soul || “The Green Monster’s Workshop”


One of my favorite things about being in the photography business: bringing (photography) friends over from all over the world to spread their knowledge and creativity with all of you!
Last week legend: Renee Robyn Photography paid a little visit to cold, rainy Holland to give a few workshops on compositing, texturing and high end beauty retouching and it was one for the books!

The Green Monster

Renee Robyn is a Canadian born digital artist, photographer and retouching master who was here for a few days to give two workshops in Almere and one in Rotterdam.
So if you take her creative superpowers, add a little bit of green hair and combine it with some crazy, enthusiastic people you get the recipe to really really fun workshops!

Combining work and play!

But before we get into the nitty gritty of how amazeballs the workshops were, we also had a meetup in Utrecht to meet the people and connect with people who couldn’t come to the workshop. Someone like Renee does not come to visit very often so of course you have to make sure she meets as many of the creatives the local scene has to offer! It was just a fun free way to meet the artist and have a drink and a chat. We were with about 16 people and everyone had such an awesome time! I even received a few e-mails afterwards that expressed how much fun it was.


Workshop madness

Of course this workshop wouldn’t be possible with the awesome people who helped make it happen *queue cheesy music*. I asked FotoFlits if they wanted to help and they made me eat my words when it came to bitching about the Dutch service industry! They go above and beyond in their service and dedication to help photographers & the community. It’s a breath of fresh air! Much love to them! They sponsored the new Elinchrom ELC 1000 systems, so we could play with that and bunch of modifiers and extra’s.


The workshops itself were super fun and inspiring! We started the morning with shooting the completely styled model on a gray background. She wore this awesome handcrafted dress by Skeletons in the Closet & Rosies Art.


After a demonstration of working with the model, breakdown of lighting, planning a creative shoot and shooting, the class got the chance to shoot the model to have their own images for retouching. For the Composting class this meant thinking of the story and posing the model. For the retouching class we had 2 lighting setups. A 6 point lighting and a one light reflector setup.
Afterward shooting we had some brainfuel a.k.a. lunch, coffee & M&M’s!!

And finally everyone got the chance to let their inner retouching beast loose on the Photoshop part of the workshop. Renee really went into depth about her choices and how she prefers to work. It was impressive how quiet the studio went when she was talking! As Marcel […] said, you could almost hear a pin drop! The goal was to cover High-End background removal, adding different backgrounds, blending modes, layer masking, dodge and burn, color adjustments and adding texture. Some examples of the magic that was created in all classes.

Day 1 Shooting, Editing, Background Replacement – In Almere

Cool vibes

Some of the people attending the workshop knew each other, but it was such a cool environment that everyone left as friends *queue cheesy music part 2*. We heard a lot of “it was fun to see the faces behind the facebook pages”! The levels ranged from expert to beginner and we tried our best to give everyone the attention they needed. We got so many cool responses on the workshop! I just cant wait to start organizing the next one! If you would like to know more about upcoming workshops from cool artist. Keep a look out at the: facebook page and guestworkshop page.

Thanks too everyone who participated. And big thanks too the whole teams:

Workshop Master Teacher: Renee Robyn
Models: Lara Aimee, Jaleesa Koelen, Esther de Gier, Melanie During
MakeUp Artists: Lara Aimee,Caroline Watson, Irene Tjebbes
HairStylist & Hair Creations: Ismahan Obenali
Clothing Designers: Skeletons in the Closet & Rosies Art

And now for some cool behind the scenes!

Day 2 – Beauty Lighting and High End Retouching In Almere
Day 3 Shooting, Editing, Background replacement in Rotterdam





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