Steampunk and gradient backgrounds


Ive shot with Rosies Art before. She has an amazing style design style. She makes: Steampunk Clothing and Accesories. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy. For the large part its inspired by 19th century industrial steam powered machinery. Its setting is a alternative history of the 19th century british victorian era, “wild west” or post apocalyptic. Its hard to explain because a lot of people have a spin or version on their idea on how it should be. And no one is really wrong. Read more on Wikipedia if you like to know more. Ive always kept a close eye on what she produces and one day she posted an awesome collection of “Feathered Headdresses”

Bring something to the table!

I was immediately sold when I lay my eyes upon those! You can’t randomly send people messages expecting them to work with you. You need to bring something to the table. Something interesting, something they haven’t done before too make it interesting.

As soon as i saw the different color headdresses my brain kinda automatically put it in a category aka box. I wanted to try different ethnicity models per headdress. She had white feathers, black feathered headdresses, green, brown. I immediately thought of the gorgeous model Lara Aimee, who has beautiful silvery white hair. I wrote her name down and went looking for the rest. Rosie had about 11 headdresses ready. I send out an email asking if we could shoot that together. And said I wanted to try something with some super “fashioney” models. She had worked a lot with alternative models because of the genre but she didnt have many shoots with that fashion type style. As not to have a crazy shooting day with too much models I suggested to shoot 8 headdresses and have 4 models. Each wearing 2 headdresses. Because its a headdress the focus would be on the face, makeup and head piece. The hair I wanted to keep it simple. As not to draw too much attention to it. So it was going to be beauty/half body shots. And she agreed!! Wieee I was sooo happy!

Next i put out a casting call to get the rest of the models. And soon we had the rest of the 3 models: Cherella Gessel, Aidan Hope and YangQiong van Huet. Right then and there Rosie came in saying she talked too a makeup artist about the project who was interested and if i was interested in working with her. When she mentioned her name Nikki Tempelaars, I was squeelinggg ieeeee ive been wanting to be in the same studio with this amazing artist for yeaaars!! I seldom shoot with people outside of my usual team. This because we trust each other and know what each has too bring. When i bring in new people and I have in the past. Its always a hit and miss if they will show up. This is less once you have a close relationship with your team. So when Nikki was mentioned i jumped on the emailed and sent her a message if she really wanted too. And she did! It was no lie! We had our team ready!

Gradients backgrounds

To create something interesting that is not a plain background I added gells! Gells give me the ability to create something different. And I love the variety it gives me in color. Insta mood creators! I tried a few color combinations and didn’t like how the darker colours felt. Like blue and red, or green and blue. So I went for something lighter, something syntactic. Pink isnt a natural color, I added blue but combined with the pink it looks purple. Purple gave it a more royalty feel.

The tech!

The lighting, I wanted a color gradient background. With non “natural colors”. This would allow me to later shift the color balance in photoshop if need be without too many problems.

  • Main light – Elinchrom ELC 1000 /w 100 CM Deep Rotalux Octabox – Camera left high, pointed downwards
  • Fill light – Elinchrom RX One /w 60×60 square softbox – Camera right low, pointed up
  • Gradient Background – Elinhcrom ELC 1000 with a Lee Pink Colored Gell – Standard reflector pointed at the background camera left behind
  • Gradient Background – Elinchrom RX One in standard reflector with Lee Blue Colored Gell camera right behind


Designer: Rosies Art
MUAH: Nikki Tempelaars
Models: Cherella Gessel, Aidan Hope and YangQiong van Huet

The Images!


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