Getting to this point! My Life in 30 seconds
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Getting to this point! My Life in 30 seconds:
You gotta start somewhere. I moved to The Netherlands at age 17. Studied and got a degree in IT, but was missing something creative. Sticking with what I knew (computers), I got a degree in Multimedia Engineering.

Which pretty much meant knowing anything there is to know about graphics design, 3D, video, audio and bringing it all together to the web with programming. After this intense year, I went back home (Curacao) with my girlfriend for a few months to relax and figure out what next. We loved those 6 months so much! Not because we were relaxing, but because we were doing what we loved: creating designs, logos and helping people. This was great! But it wasn’t paying bills. So after those 6 months it was time to get back and got a job as an all-around mixed bread IT/Design/Code go-to guy.

While working 75 hours a week I felt that I was still missing something. Although fun, it didn’t feel like you could really do the things as you wanted to, make the things I really wanted to. Design didn’t really give me the freedom I was expecting. The camera has always been there, I had it since the first move. I would use it to document my friends, events, things we would do. Mostly for my own memory and some to send back home and let them know I was doing fine. While working at the desk I discovered Flickr and a community of beautiful imagery, created by even more awesome and beautiful photographers. So I dove in deeper. Got my first DSLR in 2008 and I used the small 60 min window I had each day, to and from work to learn everything there is to know about it. This small window just so happened to be golden hour. This gave me the loveliest light to learn in.

After 5 years (in 2011) of working at the desk and learning photography, my girlfriend and I both decided to quit our jobs and adopt this new free range lifestyle. The lifestyle where YOU choose what you do with your time, who you spend it with and what you spend it on. And for me that was liberating! Connecting with creative people all over the globe, sharing ideas, thoughts, friends was just the breath of fresh air my life needed! And I started noticing something… that the people I connected with… had all figured out this lifestyle! They are all just doing what they love as much as they can, and why wouldn’t you!

So I guess that’s where I am now- 3 years after quitting my job. Still loving every second of working with creatives, talking to the crazy people who stick out, helping wherever I can with whatever I can, still learning and adjusting the photography craft, but mostly! Figuring out who I am and what it is I’m trying to say and show the world.

11 thoughts on “Getting to this point! My Life in 30 seconds”

  1. Great! Must be a kind of heaven to live up to your dreams. You’ll junderstand I am not at that point yet 😉

    Thanks for helping me out on the grid &deflector thing!

    We’ll meet again someday! I have to see you jump again:-)

  2. Ik was zo onder de indruk van dit verhaal toen jullie het vertelde in Duitsland. .en nu weer als ik het zo lees.
    Wat een mooie draai aan het leven, echt jullie eigen leven!
    En ik als “toeschouwer” van alle creativiteit en hysteria op o.a Facebook zeg ga zeker zo Door! Het is nooit genoeg! 😀 en het kan alleen maar beter worden


  3. O ja.. en wat je te zeggen hebt, dat zeg je toch al? Dat leef je. Waarom woorden als je beelden hebt? Woorden zijn om te ordenen, beelden om uit te drukken. Woorden kunnen ook uitdrukken, beelden niet ordenen.


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