5 Things When You’re Stuck In A Creative Rut!

Model: Elsemieke van der Heijden || MUAH: Joyce Schweers || Styling: Dani van den Velden

You know that feeling? That drive inside you that wants to do something? You really, really want to create something awesome, but it just won’t come out? Things just don’t move the way you want them to and things just aren’t going fast enough… Then when suddenly some time becomes available, you can’t seem to figure out where to begin or what project to pick up? And, on top of everything else, it always seems like you have a million things to do?

This might mean you’re stuck in a Creative Rut (for lack of a better term)! This is normal! (At least, that’s what I tell myself so that I’m not the only freak.) But how do we make the brain flow again and get everything moving? Here are a few things I do whenever I get that daunting feeling of running around in a loop and not getting things done:

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TFP, Charity, Non-Commisioned and Test Shoots

TFP Shoot with Stylist Janneke Rodenburg | BTS by: FalkPictures

Shooting Test, TFP, Non-Commissioned and Charity
I have seen this pop up soo many times in Facebook groups and other photography communities and I wanted to demystify it a little bit. I wanted to know what exactly test, TFP, non commissioned and charity means and why one came to be. So I started researching this and I think no one really uses the right term. It’s a mush of everything together in one big pot. But this is what I’ve found searching online and asking fellow photographers.

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Starting the Photography business – Part 2

Model: Amesbury Rose | Designer: Rosies Art | MUAH: InYourFace

Check out Part I, where I talk about figuring out what you want in life. Now it’s time to flip that and turn it into something that can pay for your food and housing.

After I kinda figured out what I wanted to do, it was time to figure out how to get paid to do it. Knowing what you want, and getting paid for what you want are different things. I’ve never really liked business. I’m not a suit-wearing, networking-events-going kind of guy. I don’t really like talking to people I can’t relate to. You sometimes see people force themselves into relationships, trying to keep them because they want something from the other.

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Starting the Photography Business – Part 1


Every person has his or her own way. I can only share with you the path I’ve walked. Once you have decided that photography is the thing you would like to pursue, you do some research on the photography businesses around you. And sooner or later you will hit a wall with a question that will stick for a while: Who am I? And what do I want that will make me happy? Before you figure out who you’re trying to reach with your work, you need to figure out who you are, and what it is you have to offer/give.

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